CASA - Centre Autonome Solidaire et Artistique de Paris
France [Associative Cultural Center]
The CASA project aims to be a "pilote" for a new type of structure, that will fit more to the needs of association. Players and listeners should find a whole bunch of reasons to appreciate it! Here are the main goals of the project :
  • A peaceful place for exchanges, discover and opening to other cultures
  • A laboratory for exchanges, self management
  • A support structure for associations ( talks, support parties, theme-oriented lunches, shows, movies)
  • A place for diffusion of new artistic creations
  • A social information place, in situ and on the web
  • A associative restaurant
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Association Loi du 1er juillet 1901 – J0 N°23 du 07 juin 2003 - MOSTAR STYLE,
une association de promotion de musiques actuelles