France [companies]
Major partner of Mostar Style for the Danube Projekt, Eurolines is the leading federation of coaches in Europe. Very well-known by all travelling youth, they propose coach trips between all the main cities of Europe, at very low prices. Their sponsorship will finance all the trips needed by Mostar Style for scouting trips as well and also pay for the foreign bands coming to play to Paris, during the preparatory event of the Danube Projekt. During the barge trip itself, Eurolines will back our road trajects.
France [media > press]
Launched in march 2004 by professional journalists, EuropePlusNet is the first magazine that reduce the \"european division\", by telling Europe to a large public to make it more attractive and concrete.
EuropePlusNet is 100% european and 100% multimedia : download and listen on the site the interviews! From the beginning, a partnership has been made with Courrier International and CNRS (national french research center) and was distinguished by french press groups.
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