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Mostar Style supports also theater
2010/03/13 [MS Life & Projekts]
Mostar Style wish to support to prometting shows helping them with tour support, an admistrative cocoon and its large contact lists. More info to come.
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Objectives of Mostar Style for 2006
2005/11/24 [MS Life & Projekts]
The Mostar Style association was created two years ago and includes some twenty active members in various European countries. Between june 2003 and october 2005, the association organised five major cultural events in Paris, France, four festivals abroad (two in Germany, one in Slovakia and one in Serbia) and produced two short play records.
Here are the current major objectives of the association for the coming year.

Alma support : in a context where the parisian reggae salsa dub band reaches a new level (realisation of a second short play, various tours in Germany and Serbia, more and more concerts in Paris and in festivals everywhere, first TV and radio appearances), Mostar Style continues its support by producing the CD, providing a manager, and finding concerts in France and abroad.

Musical exchanges: the association organizes and produces various cultural events in France and throughout Europe, gathering bands from different countries, thus favorising exchanges between musicians. In the same process, Mostar Style gives the opportunity to bands to meet a new audience. The four bands who played in Paris in 2005 : Leo's Den et Jamaram (Germany) Mango Molas (Slovakia), and Freedom Fries (Austria) had never played in France before our invitation. This trend will be maintained in 2006. Exchange and pleasure around a true cultural event will remain the core of these events.

Danube Projekt: with the experience gathered in the organisation of these events throughout Europe and the network of partners built simultaneously, we continue to prepare our main project: a travelling festival on the Danube, set on a barge arranged into a concert hall. We will organise some forty musical events in several cities from Frankfort-am-Main (Germany)and Costanza (Romania). At each stop bands from the local muscial scene will be given the chance to perform ashow on the barge, and to be recorded live. At the end of the tour Mostar Style will produce and distribute a trans european compilation born from the recorded material.
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This year of 2005 has seen a big change of collaboration between Alma and Mostar.
2005/11/20 [MS Life & Projekts]
Mostar Style, for its part, has organized many events which made it possible Alma to play within public events. The association’s partnership with Eurolines made it possible as well for the band to performs tours into Germany and Serbia. Mostar Style also backed up Alma by lending them technical and media support web site hosting , production of advertisement leaflets, help from photographers on-stage and ' backstage 'during the gigs, press relations...

As for the salsa reggae dub band brought most of the funds necessary to the realization of the projects of Mostar Style thanks to numerous performances. Each of their gigs also gave the opportunity to the association to promote its actions. Throughout the musical exchanges, the musicians largely contributed to the weaving of the bonds which constitute the core of the European cultural network that is dear to the "Mostar Stylers".

It is thus quite naturally that Mostar Style has taken charge of the production of Alma’s new record. From the purchase of a soundcard and the lease of the microphones needed to record, the association also helped the band in many ways carrying out the administrative work, financing the pressing and advertisement for their new disk Mostar Style has simply held its capital and competences and skills to the disposal of the Parisian combo.
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Beograd Tour: The Danube Projekt becomes bigger
2005/09/24 [MS Life & Projekts]
In the scope of the Mostar Style association's project of cultural exchanges with Eastern Europe, the Alma band toured Serbia from the 24th of August and the 6th of September 2005.

After a 24h trip, organised with the support of the travel agency Eurolines, partner of the project, the band met in Belgrade with members of the association and started a series of concerts in various venues of the Serbian capital city: the Kocka (a.k.a. "the Cube"), la Revolucion and the Cinderella, three popular bars with their own atmosphere and audience.

In the Dom Omladine ("house of the youth") of Pancevo (~ 20 km north east of belgrade), the band was welcome by an audience on fire! Same story in the Dom Omladine of Belgrade where the public was more than eager to dance all night long to the reggae salsa dub sound of Alma and of their special guests : the belgradians BG-Stylers.

Next day, on saturday the 3rd of September, Alma gave their last gig in Belgrade in the Plato bar.
The tour ended by a final representation in the FoxTrott of Novi Sad (80km North West of Belgrade, in the Vojvodine area). This particular event allowed the meeting, organised by Mostar-Style, of Alma and the local reggae ska band Lost Propelleros ( Basis for a future collaboration inside the Danube Projekt were laid.

With no less than 7 concerts and a lot of encounters, a definitive step was made towards the realisation of the Danube Projekt. We especially want to thank all the people who made these 15 days possible, for the organisation, the cultural and musical aspects, but also on the level of personal accomplishment. The promotion of the concerts (and the buzz word that ensued) was a great success: posters, tv and radio interviews, the media was definitely there. This tour provided an incentive to develop more and more lasting relationships between the people of Eastern and Western Europe.
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Why The Boat Tour Will Be Postponed
2005/03/10 [MS Life & Projekts]
Since last September, we had planned to assess our progress by the end of January. We had to decide whether or not the tour could be organized this summer. After an objective analysis and many discussions the answer was “no”:
  • while our research have shown great results in the preceding months, an adequate funding of the project was not ensured at his point
  • the visibility and attendance of the barge in big cities would not be optimal during the summer, when people are in vacations, and cultural activity slows down outside of a few big festivals.
  • more time is preferable to enhance further on the development of our network throughout Europe. Indeed, building lasting relationships across the continent is our main goal, and we have experimented that the best way to proceed at this stage is to organize preparation events, just as we did last November in Bratislava.

The last weeks have shown that our efforts are producing results : partnership with Eurolines and AGS, support of the European parliament and of various cultural institutes. There are also more opportunities to come, including the Paris Label Europe (Paris City Council) and the European subsidies.

Meanwhile, our contacts with artists and music professionals across the continent are intensifying. More and more bands or their managers get in touch with us, and are eager to participate in forthcoming events.

In one word, the achievement of the tour has never been so likely, and more time will allow us to ensure its success.

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