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Sunnyful groove in the Olympic
2006/03/12 [MS Events]

Yesterday, on the 11th of march, the public of the Olympic appreciated reggae music the french way. The place, at its maximum capacity greeted as it should the two french band, Alma and Original Barbershop.

These ones, opening the show, made us travel with their their groovy rocksteady which combined perfectly with cuban-style rythms of Alma, next on stage. The crowd, already overheated, just let itself enrapture.

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It happened ... In Sarajevo
2006/02/21 [MS Events]

Thanks to the pugnacity of our local team (big up to Selma !!) and an over-motivated delegation from Paris, the tonight FABLE concert in Kino Bosna has been a success...

As we say ... Good Music, good place, nice to be here

More info to come soon !

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Reggae Parties II with Jamaran and Alma
2005/11/24 [MS Events]
Thanks to Mostar Style, the parisian band Alma meets Jamaram in their home town of Munich for 2 exceptionnal gigs.

In the first days of October, the German reggaemen of Jamaram - invited in Paris by the Mostar-Style association - lit on fire the audience of the french capital city by the mean of 2 concerts with Alma. Late october, with the memory of this event still fresh in minds, it's Jamaram's turn to welcome Alma in Germany, with the help of their label Soulfire Artists. And once again Eurolines, partner of Mostar-Style, who gave a ride to Alma and to some members of the association who accompanied them.
The four days in Munich, centered on musical meetings, climaxed in two great concerts!

On the Sunday the 30th of october, as the night falls on the city of Kaufberen, the audience gathers in front of the Melodrom concert hall, a movie theatre whose seats and moshpit are soon invaded by the local youth. In the middle of lasers and smoke screens, a six hundred audience gave an enthousiastic welcome to the reggae of Alma followed by Jamaram on stage. Scores of people had to stay outside because of the lack of room! When finally the last note of Jamaram dies, the audience on fire continue to dance for hours to the rythm of a DJ closing the party.

Back into Munich, and after a well deserved night of rest, it's in the Café Ampere of the famous Muffathalle that the second gig takes place. The show is sold out and once again, Alma turn on the heat in the room, and Jamaram, as energic as ever, will lead an audience hands high in the air and a smile painted on all the faces throughout the evening.

But the trip was not limited to this two events and the following days allowed Alma and Jamaram to meet in a more laid back atmosphere around a piano, a guitar, or simply a good typical meal (and beer!) in the historical center of Munich.
These successful events take place in the Mostar-Style's Danube Projekt's organisation. By multiplying the cultural exchanges in the countries where the Danube flows, and weaving an european network of relations, Mostar-Style progresses step by step towards their main goal: the organisation of a tour on the Danube, on a barge transformed in a concert hall that will welcome international and local bands at each one of its stops.
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Reggae Parties II - Press Release
2005/10/18 [MS Events]
Un mois seulement après la fiesta balkanique réunissant la Caravane Passe et les autrichiens de Freedom Fries, Mostar Style remet le couvert et vous convie à venir découvrir Jamaram, un mélange germano portoricain de reggae, funk, samba et blues qui transforme chaque concert en une énorme fête. Pour leurs premières notes sur la scène française, ils seront parrainés par Alma groupe parisien de Reggae Salsa Dub.
Click on the link below to download full version in pdf.
Attached Document: Reggae Parties II
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Gipsy vs. Swing - A clash of kings
2005/10/10 [MS Events]
On Wednesday, September 28th at the Alimentation Générale, the Mostar Style association team organized a spectacular meeting: the Parisian band La Caravane Passe, versus the Austrian challenger Fatima Spar und die Freedom Fries. Once more in its Danube Projekt scope, Mostar Style set up a challenge for both performers to keep a delirious audience up and rocking all night long !!!

Though it is hardly needed to introduce La Caravane Passe, let's just say they are one of the famed festive tzigan bands performing in Paris: catchy melodies, mixed lyrics in various languages and an unlimited energy are some of their strongest features.

For their part and thanks to Mostar Styles's invitation, the Viennese champ Fatima Spar und die Freedom Fries could perform in France for the very first time, even though they have gained a terrific success in some of the greatest European festivals : Sziget in Budapest, Stadtfest of Vienna, Balkan Fever Festival in Austria, Hovelive festival in Belgium…

The gig began with the entrancing rhythms of the Freedom Fries soon led by a feverish and lascivious Fatima. With their mastery of various music styles and their amazing stage performance, the band rapidly put fire to the red-hot audience by balancing the ambiance between Balkan music and their wonderfully actualized swing right from the 1930's. What an incredible show: crazy brass and accordion solos winding around original Turkish and English lyrics from Fatima herself, that she sometimes sings into a megaphone!!!!

The audience was thus already won to their side when the musicians from La Caravane Passe went on stage, for the first time in this place, and spread the euphoric vibes of their True Fake Wedding. Ovations were still echoing through the place as DJ Tagada's sound system brought a nice conclusion to the party.

Many thanks to all the people that helped us to organize this event : both team from Alimentation Générale and Mostar Style, DJ Tagada and our partner Eurolines. And of course, last but not least, big up to you, beloved fans.

Thanks also to Fatima Spar und die Freedom Fries and to La Caravane Passe, it was a fantastic evening and it demonstrated that Europe has no boundaries within it. Again congratulations and thank you.
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