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From la Réunion to Mostar
2006/03/23 [MS Events]

Yesterday evening, our musical journey started on the island la Réunion with the warn and soft vocal melodies of Maha Velun and achieved its aim in Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) with Zoster and their rock-reggae which they sing in a majority in their mother tongue.

As the gig started earlier than planned only a few peolple took off in the beginning but the crowd filled out as the night went one, thanks the Zoster appearance on radio FPP (106.3 FM) on Monday. Maha Velum gave us the creole compositions. If you were looking for the sun yesterday, the Alimentation Générale was the place to be. Then the Zoster recipe made its job. The language frontier is musically crossed, the message and the good vibes pass through.

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Zoster Interview on FPP
2006/03/21 [MS Events]

Last night, on 20th March, Zoster was interviewed and playing live on FPP radio (106.3FM), an associative Radio broadcasting in Paris.

Here are the mp3 files of the interview!

  • Show Introduction mp3 (5Mo)
  • Mario Speaks about Bosnia Herzegovinia mp3 (5,3Mo)
  • Mario Speaks about Zoster mp3 (4,3Mo)
  • First Acoustic Session mp3 (5Mo)
  • Second Acoustic Session mp3 (4,3Mo)
  • Gwen speaks about Mostar Style mp3 (3,2Mo)
  • Mario speaks about the Album mp3 (1,4Mo)
  • Bruno speaks about Alma mp3 (3,8Mo)
  • Third Acoustic Session mp3 (5,7Mo)
  • Fourth Acoustic Session mp3 (4.4Mo)
  • Show Conclusion mp3 (1,7Mo)
Big up to Muzaik show on FPP!!
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Fatima Spar und die Freedom Fries present 'Zirzop' at the 'Alimentation Générale'
2006/03/20 [MS Events]

Although Fatima was a little ill (and she apologized for it) the Freedom Fries proved to be on fire. They easily warmed up the all place and this was the very cure Fatima needed. Her soulfull and powerfull voice enchanted a crowd already moved by the solid New Orleans' swing of the band. Each of them gave us a demonstration of their musician talent and instrumentalist vituosity.

Without any kind of order, we were carried away by the accordeon solos (Milos Todorovski), the spining round saprano sax (Andrej Prosorov), and the sharpened trumpet (Alexander Wladiegeroff). The whole thing was based on the solid swing rythms of the double bass (Philipp Moosbrugger) and the drums (Erwin Schoeber).

"Astonishing" could be the one word for this gig, we are proud to have been part of it and all the more glad to say 'we were here on that night! '.

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Last minute Zoster's concert in CASA
2006/03/19 [MS Events]

On short notice, Zoster participated to the very first gig in a new place called CASA on the 18th of March.

Runned by an association, this place is setting up in Montreuil. The concert hall was still under construction and the plaster on the wall was still wet but the members of Zoster played the game and the small crowd, come for the "nearly grand opening", did not mislead.

The recipe was the good one and every one quickly forgot the aspect of the place and let oneself go on the modern grooves of rock-reggae made in Bosnia.

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Zoster from Bosnia in Paris
2006/03/15 [MS Events]

It's a great pleasure for us to welcome the reggae-rock band Zoster, straight from Bosnia-Herzegovina !

Zoster want to broadcast a message of peace, tolerance, education. Hence they naturally chose reggae music and its positive vibrations. Mostar Style is even more thrilled by this invitation as Zoster come from Mostar: the symbolic city of the association !

Zoster will be in concert at the ALG (64 rue J-P Timbaud, Paris 11) on Wednesday 22nd March at 8:00 PM with Mahavelun.

The next day Thursday 23d March at 8:30 PM with the Parisian band Alma on the Antipode barge (69 quai de la Seine).

Two events you cannot miss celebrating the meeting between Western and Eastern Europe!

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