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Bratislava's aftermaths
03/12/2004 [Projets & Vie de MS]
32 hours in the van later, after having given 3 concerts: we are back!

The Bratislava team really surpassed our expectations: a very warm welcome despite the cold weather, a 180 square meter flat for the lodging of the band and our heroic driver, the flawless concerts’ organization, an audience heated up to the max!
Special big up to Anne-Laure, Pauline, Adam and master Sam! We’ll come back!

Only one word can qualify this session: it was HUGE! You could think that the Havana was moved to Slovakia, wherein the sun doesn’t stop to shine in December, in the heart of people and in the atmosphere. The local rumba of Mango Molas is made of Puro Pimento, and they won’t get a rest until they’ll have made all Europe dance to their amazing groove. Mostar-Style will ensure that this happens.

The road doesn’t stop there and the story goes on. Keep da GoodGood Vibe.
Bratislava tour : Departure
24/11/2004 [Projets & Vie de MS]
Tonight is the night.

Exactly one year after their first trip to Berlin, ALMA leaves France this evening for Bratislava, to perform 3 concerts. This series of concerts, dubbed "The Caribbean Festival", will feature, in the same spirit as the project, two local bands, namely "Thierry and friends" (reggae) and "Mango Molas" (rumba).

A first chance really for Mostar-Style to test the formula they want to use for the Danube Projekt, and to strengthen the ties that have been built during the last months' preparation with our cultural partners in Slovakia.
If you're in the neighbourhood, don't miss these concerts that are already anounced as "this is gonna be a blast".
Interview : Miss Anne Laure from our Bratislava team !!
30/10/2004 [Projets & Vie de MS]
(Oct.27 - 09:40) bruno: hello!

(Oct.27 - 09:41) AL: hello bruno! Thank you for inviting me to this very special ‘blind’-interview!

(Oct.27 - 09:43) bruno: First of all, who are you, Anne-Laure GoodGood ?

(Oct.27 - 09:47) AL: so... I'm French, well actually with a small French half and a huge Polish half, and I'm working in Bratislava, Slovakia. I've been working here for almost one and a half years now.

(Oct.27 - 09:53) bruno: how did you get involved in the Danube Project 2005 and more generally speaking in the Mostar Style Crew ?

(Oct.27 - 09:54) AL: one sunny day of May, I received a mail from Mathieu describing me the project. At that time it was because I was living here and the ‘crew’ was going to make a spotting trip to Bratislava. They needed some basic information for their first visit, and I was very happy to be of any kind of help.

(Oct.27 - 09:58) AL: However the project caught my attention immediately : reggae, Danube, on a barge, willing to meet local musicians...

(Oct.27 - 10:01) AL:
This was a great idea and I could imagine the work it needed behind. At the beginning it went quite fast. Together with looking for information and contacts for Mostar Style I started meeting people also, discovering new places.

(Oct.27 - 10:01) bruno: yes, I see, I see.

(Oct.27 - 10:03) AL: I talked with a lot of enthusiasm about this project around me, trying to gather motivated local people around the idea. and a friend said: "I know exactly the person you should meet". That's when I met Adam, musician in Mango Molas, my favorite group in Slovakia.... What a coincidence! well not so much considering the music fashion here, which is not yet very open to what we call “World Music”. Mango Molas are unique on the Slovak stages as they play an afro-latino style of music, so somehow, Adam couldn’t miss working on this project,

(Oct.27 - 10:15) bruno: What is your role in the project?

(Oct.27 - 10:17) AL: I don't really have a defined role in the project; it's mostly a matter of making contacts and working on the field while Mostar Style is not here.

(Oct.27 - 10:19) bruno: And what about this first Mostar Style Mass in Bratislava at the end of November? We've been told that you’re in the middle of it

(Oct.27 - 10:20) AL: Alma and Mostar Style are indeed coming to Bratislava end of November, so the Bratislava Antenna for the project is actively working on it so that their visit is profitable for the 2005 project.

(Oct.27 - 10:22) AL: By the way, I forgot this precision; I am NOT the only one working on the Danube Project here: we are a few friends motivated and we are quite complementary in our abilities. For this visit, we share the work according to our contacts : my friend Sam is organising some appointments with officials here, Adam and I are working on the organisation of the concert (finding a place for the concert, and the promotion of their venue), and accessorily I'll take care of the material aspects for the team (accommodation, language...) once here so they don't feel too lost ;-).

(Oct.27 - 10:25) AL: how do I manage to work with Paris crew being in Bratislava? Well, mostly through Internet and this chat-room : we stay in contact daily; we can discuss the pending issues and take decisions together. Basically, once I get the general and strategic outline from the Mostar Style team members, I can implement here what we have been talking about.

(Oct.27 - 10:38) bruno: about your motivation, for instance; what about the European dimension of the project and this idea to build a network, working together in building our European culture?

(Oct.27 - 10:41) AL: well I'm not the perfect example.... I'm not the kind of person that is really excited about the concept of Europe! But, I would say it in other words.

(Oct.27 - 10:43) AL: what hails me is the mean: the Danube. It sounds like a myth this river: it has inspired many artists; it is really a mystic river. And it flows through most of the new European countries. I guess that not many people in France even know that the Danube goes through Bratislava, Budapest or Belgrade. People know about Vienna maybe, but the Eastern part is less known. This is, in my opinion, what is interesting in the project: to use the Danube AND music to introduce Western Europe to the Central and Eastern one.

(Oct.27 - 10:50) bruno: Well, Thank you, Miss Goodgood, and see you in Bratislava on the 26th of November !!
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C'est la rentrée, vive septembre
28/10/2004 [Projets & Vie de MS]
Bon, oui, bien entendu, septembre arrive puis octobre et les feuilles mortes etc., etc., etc. Mais, finalement, ce n'est pas si grave. Vous commencez à bien connaître le projet Danube maintenant et vous savez bien que le Djafai le lapin est immunisé contre la grippe et le barrage des secrétaires. Et oui, c'est bien utile.

Donc, au bilan, nous nous retrouvons aujourd'hui avec plus de 300 dossiers envoyés à différents partenaires artistiques, culturels et financiers. Nous avons ainsi contacté des institutionnels (Centres culturels français, Parlement Européen, etc.), des partenaires publics (Banque Européenne d'Investissement, Mairie de Paris, etc.), des partenaires privés (Renault, Altran, Vodafone, etc.), des partenaires associatifs (Aventuriers du Bout du Monde, Associations des journalistes européens, etc.) et des médias (,, etc.).

Vaste travail au demeurant mais ô combien indispensable et valorisant : pas un seul "raccrochage au nez" ni une quelconque incompréhension de la philosophie du projet. Mieux, compliments et encouragements nous convainquent encore plus, si cela était nécessaire, de pousser l'idée à devenir réalité. Et ce qui est vrai pour la France se reproduit également pour l'étranger où nous partenaires locaux réalisent le même travail. Le réseau se densifie et nous avons la chance de voir le projet être relayé par nos différents contacts au sein de leurs carnets d’adresses. Merci à eux.

Et maintenant, place au sprint hivernal… pour rêver d’été en eau douce.'
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