Originally funded in 2002 by a parisian band, Mostar Style is a French association that now gathers benevolents from various backgrounds for the realization of ambitious and independent cultural events.

Mostar Style Productions

A place of creation for young artists

After producing SPs and LPs for various bands, Mostar Style signed a deal with DJP for distributing its productions in France.

  • ALMA - Don’t forget the village (2003) - 5titres
  • ALMA - Grad Lluge Koje Projage, L'île des gens qui passent (2005) - 5 titres
  • ORIGINAL BARBERSHOP - Yé Douboute (2007) - 11 titres
  • ALMA - Get In The Van (2008) - 11 titres, distribué

Mostar Style Tour

Alma : 80 venues during 2007!

  • Mostar Style is a booker for gigs in France and in Europe
  • Tour Support for its bands : van, power amplifier, etc.
  • Administrative management of each gig : contracts, musicians paychecks, etc.

The Danube Projekt

Promotion of European music throughout the continent

  • Organisation of concerts throughout Europe, opportunities of encounters and exchanges between musicians of different countries
  • Development of an independant professional network that will support the emergence of a present-day music European scene
  • Support of the revelation of a European identity and the gathering of young generations from the east and the west of the continent.
  • Production and exploitation of an intense photographic activity centered around the Danube Projekt’s events.

An original approach of community life

Professional, creative and open to all

  • The association operates like a company : it is directed by an artistic director under the supervision of the association’s committee.
  • Local benevolent groups take part in the organisation of Mostar Style events and ensure our lasting presence in their countries.
  • Internet tools and organisation processes have been developped and are constantly improved. They allow the collaborative work of our teams throughout Europe.


Association Loi du 1er juillet 1901 – J0 N°23 du 07 juin 2003 - MOSTAR STYLE,
une association de promotion de musiques actuelles