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France [reggae] [salsa]
Alma is a salsa_dub band that preaches in France and in Europe. Composed of players of various influences, Alma makes the fusion of a very dubby reggae and a "pura cubana" salsa. Their maxi "Don't Forget The Village" (5 titles) allows to get inside their strange and poetic universe. At the origin of the danube projekt, they will perform their reggae opera "Djafaj" on the boat, inviting the bands they will meet to play some songs inside the opera. They will also get a singer in each country to tell the story of Djafaj in his native language during the opera.
B & G full System
France [reggae] [salsa]

Guitar / Cajon / Voice... It's all we need to make fat sound !

Come and check it...

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Germany [reggae]
A band on the way to the top! Only 2 years after the foundation this young band (a spicy mix of Puerto Rican, Welsh, Andalusian, American and German boys) played over 80 gigs with an rapidly growing audience and fanbase. The frontman and singer Tom Lugo combines Reggae, Funk, Samba and Blues to an individuel Sound, the so called "Jamaram Stylee" which turns every concert to a big party. These guys spice up their live set with hot ReggaeRiddims, Percussion, Latinstyle, groovy Funk and a vibeful stageperformance...
In Spring 2004 their long awaited debut Mini Album will be released throug Soulfire Records. "Join the Jamaram Stylee."
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Leo's Den
Germany [reggae]
Leo´s Den is fully into roots reggae in its various styles. They can´t run from the duty to have contents that are social critic as well as spiritual of a local and global kind. While sunOne rises his ruff voice to JAH and against babylon, the soft female voice of Sister progress reaches straight into your heart. The lyrics vary from english to german without loosing authenticity. Not meant as a carbon copy of jamaican bands but as an enrichment of the universal reggae music scene. JAH works in mysterious ways!
Founded 1992, Leo´s Den had their debut 1995 and since end of 2003 the bandmembers changed almost totally. A situation which effected the whole style as it sounds deeper and more spiritual.
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Maha Velun
France [reggae]

Mahavelun ("the place where life springs up again" in malagasy), from Réunion Island, will give a concert in Paris on March the 22nd with Zoster.

The band was founded one year ago by Fabrice Célestin (Bass - Guitar) and Eric Laurette
(Lead singer - Guitar), the authors-composers of Mahavelun's songs. They both come from Saint-Pierre on Réunion Island (a french island in the indian ocean) and arrived two years ago in Paris to study music.

Then three chorists (among wich two more people from Réunion Island) and a percussionnist completed the
music group. Mahavelun's songs are a sweet mix of creole balades, bossas and reggaes.

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Association Loi du 1er juillet 1901 – J0 N°23 du 07 juin 2003 - MOSTAR STYLE,
une association de promotion de musiques actuelles