Maha Velun
France [reggae]

Mahavelun ("the place where life springs up again" in malagasy), from Réunion Island, will give a concert in Paris on March the 22nd with Zoster.

The band was founded one year ago by Fabrice Célestin (Bass - Guitar) and Eric Laurette
(Lead singer - Guitar), the authors-composers of Mahavelun's songs. They both come from Saint-Pierre on Réunion Island (a french island in the indian ocean) and arrived two years ago in Paris to study music.

Then three chorists (among wich two more people from Réunion Island) and a percussionnist completed the
music group. Mahavelun's songs are a sweet mix of creole balades, bossas and reggaes.

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Mango Molas
Slovakia [salsa] [rumba]
Mango Molas was created in 1998 by 4 percussionists that were getting inspiration from African riddims. Their formation has since enriched with an harmonic section. Nowaday, the music of Mango Molas takes its roots in the afro-cuban tradition, with influences of African music, arab world as well as slovakian folklore.
During 6 years, Mango Molas performed on all the big stages of Slovakia, Tchekia, and also Austria, Germany and Poland. June 2004, they produced their first album Pena with the little label Gregor Agency. Same year in Bratislava, they opened the concert of one of their main inspiration, Ibrahim Ferrer.
Association Loi du 1er juillet 1901 – J0 N°23 du 07 juin 2003 - MOSTAR STYLE,
une association de promotion de musiques actuelles