La Caravane Passe
France [rock] [balkan]
Between Balkan music and french rock, La Caravane Passe is a living call to party! Since the end of 1999, the public is growing and is always present when it is about dancing and spending energy on their tzigan riddims.
They have their own universe, repertory and language : fiesta! Melodies that glue to your ear, lyrics in various and melted languages, well a very high potential!
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Leo's Den
Germany [reggae]
Leo´s Den is fully into roots reggae in its various styles. They can´t run from the duty to have contents that are social critic as well as spiritual of a local and global kind. While sunOne rises his ruff voice to JAH and against babylon, the soft female voice of Sister progress reaches straight into your heart. The lyrics vary from english to german without loosing authenticity. Not meant as a carbon copy of jamaican bands but as an enrichment of the universal reggae music scene. JAH works in mysterious ways!
Founded 1992, Leo´s Den had their debut 1995 and since end of 2003 the bandmembers changed almost totally. A situation which effected the whole style as it sounds deeper and more spiritual.
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Association Loi du 1er juillet 1901 – J0 N°23 du 07 juin 2003 - MOSTAR STYLE,
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